Kaunas kindergarten „Zelmenelis“ is the only kindergarten in Lithuania, which has officially authorized the education by personalities as a distinctive feature of their educational activities. The institution has 12 groups of children whose age is the same in each group, so the development of children is developed consistently, without interrupting the periods of self-expression and psychological growth. Lengths are developed by professional pedagogues, dance, music, sports teachers, and two speech therapists. The managers of the institution, through their innovative activities, seek to organize a high-quality education process. The Kindergarten was one of the first in Lithuania to develop a joint project with a business organization and started the development of a vision of the educational ideas fair for Lithuania.

The entire team of education assistance specialists work at the institution: speech therapists, social pedagogue, psychologist. Children are trained by dance, sports and music teachers.

Kindergarten team consists of 28 professional educators and 28 auxiliary staff. Qualification upgrading of mentor assistants exceeds all republican averages. We are ready for any challenges posed by children and we have a permanent goal for professional growth. We know that there are no recipe for working with children, so we study with them every day.
Kindergarten kindergarten to which every child wants.

We do not hold mass projects, but we want children to go to school to prepare the necessary knowledge. The Teachers’ Professional Team meets all the requirements of the education process.

Your children are welcome by us.

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